The Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy was represented on the «Global Citizenship Education: Recalibrating Action for Systemic Change» Congress

On April 9-11 2019 some 170 participants gathered in Belgrade, Serbia, for Bridge 47’s Global Event. Madza Ednir, from CECIP – Centro de Criação de Imagem Popular, Brazil, member of the Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy, was one of them. The gathering was held as part of International Civil Society Week (ICSW 2019) organized by Civicus.

During an Open Space activity, “Strategic Partnerships for Financing Global Citizenship Education” Madza Ednir presented the Campaign as an example of a self managed, self financed global movement and shared experiences and insights with activists from Bangladesh, Canada, France, Fidji, Nigeria, Turkey and United States. Some of them were willing to know more about the Campaign an d even participate on it, such as Colombian  educator Elisa Alvarez Monsalve a Colombian  and Carminda Mac Lorin, from  RISE – Canada , one of the networks that is  assisting in the preparation of the World Social Forum – Transformative Economies, 2020.

Conferences, Congresses, Summer Schools, Forums like this extend bridges between humans from different cultures, making Global Citizenship not only a abstract concept, but also a warm feeling, an emotion that impulses actions.

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