Charter of Kibera

Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy’s
International Congress in Africa
Living Cooperation and Global Citizenship, 9-11 December 2018

We the 50 young and young at heart participants present in Kibera’s Rowallan Camp, representing 15 social organizations and 4 networks of 7 countries from Africa ( Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda ) Latin America ( Brazil and Chile) and Asia (Indonesia) focusing on sports for development and peace; woman’s rights and empowerment; children’s rights and education; environment protection; youths empowerment; solidarity economy; communication and education, willing that the voice of African Youth be heard, have jointly formulated the following recommendations for the world’s social organizations and movements that will be re united at the World Social Forum in Barcelona 2020, on Transformative Economies:

In cognizance that…

  • African youths are suffering the consequences of a perverse economic system that generates environmental degradation, unemployment, swelling of the informal sector, lack of perspectives for future;
  • Social Solidarity Economy, an approach based in human values, horizontality, cooperation and equal sharing of power and profits, is the alternative that represents an opportunity for these youths, however this concept is almost unknown by the majority of youths in Africa. Furthermore, the colonized mentality makes people do not believe in their power as a collective to change realities;
  • Most social organizations instead of cooperating to solve the challenges and to share resources, work in isolation and compete for the scarce resources. Also the lack of cooperation between educational agencies (formal, non formal and informal), between the carriers of scientific and ancestral knowledge and other stakeholders;
  • Young people of today will suffer the consequences of the disastrous environmental policies led by some corrupt and irresponsive governments who are selling our Common Goods to make personal profit
  • Women and young people are the majority of employed in the unpredicable informal sector and burdened with the economic needs of the family.
  • Our cities have become unhealthy spaces, where the rights of children, youths, women and other vulnerable groups are systematically violated and excluded
  • Sports are seen only as strategies to make money for a few or as a pass time, and initiatives to transform sports into an instrument for peace, sustainability and human development towards the realization of the SDGs and Africa Agenda 2063 are not valued by the governments.

We recommend

  • To strengthen networks among youths all over Africa
  • To have all African Countries to join the African Network for Social Solidarity Economy-RAESS
  • Create and coordinate effective online platforms for continued cooperation amongst groups that are committed to collective practices towards another possible world. These platforms will support the communication of the concept of Social Solidarity Economy among the African youths and make possible the convergence of these youths and afro descendants youths from all the other continents in World Forums such as Barcelona 2020.
  • Stimulate the articulation of formal, non formal and informal educational agencies, as well as of the carriers of scientific, technological and ancestral knowledge to promote the sustainability of the territory and to create an conducive environment, in which all children can fully realize their potentials.
  • Young people must be given space to participate in ALL LEVELS of decision making and to monitor public policies and services that affect their lives.
  • Young people shall be the drivers of the transformation of urban centers into livable spaces
  • Promote and support participation of women and youths in solidarity economy initiatives
  • Strengthen networks of sports for peace and development organizations across Africa and engage their respective governments and agencies