Conference “Living Cooperation and Global Citizenship”

December 9-11, 2018

This Conference was a self managed, self sponsored realization of members of global civil society, united in the Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Social Solidarity Economy, with the support of the World Social Forum- Extension, responsible for its online dimension. It has counted with the participation of fifty young and young at heart social activists, representing 15 social organizations and 4 networks of 7 countries- in Africa (Cameroon, Kenya, Tanzania and Uganda), Latin America (Brazil and Chile) and Asia (Indonesia). And more: around 100 global citizens in 20 countries have participated online.

Outstanding planetary citizens in social organizations and in Universities, living in Africa, the Americas and Europe, have cooperated as volunteers to prepare and realize this collective dream. It has happened in Kibera, Nairobi, Kenya, during the celebrations of the 70th anniversary of the Human Rights Declaration and has pointed out to the establishment of a permanent dialogue between the youths in the Africa, between them and Afro descendants in the Americas and other continents, as well to the involvement of all in the 20th World Social Forum on Transformative Economies- Barcelona, 2020.

Different kinds of knowledge – from practitioners and academics – were mobilized on its design and implementation. Some of the invited speakers were physically present at Rowallan Camp, Kibera; others, who could not come, have sent videos with their presentations to contribute in the debate.

After two and a half days of work, the Conference has produced important results: besides the elaboration and approval of a Kibera Charter, that will be presented at the World Social Forum on Transformative Economies- Barcelona 2020, 5 action plans have been drafted, involving different organizations. One of them, led by Elise Pierrette M. Épse Meno from RAESS Cameroon, Rosemary Olive Mbone Enie from Salama Heritage Ecovillages -SHE Tanzania and Robert Muhangi, from Recreation for Development and Peace -RDP Uganda, has the objective of reinforcing and amplifying RAESS Africa. There is also : a plan to create and strengthen collaboration among organizations focusing sports for peace and youths in Africa, led by Ben Ooko, Amani Kibera and Francis Gichuki, TYSA ; a plan do tackle violence against women in the region; a plan to improve the quality of education of schools in Kibera, led by educators Walter Odhiambo, Blessed School Academy and Patrick Madunda, from Streams of Hope School, and supported among others by writer Cristina Porto and Madza Ednir from CECIP- Brasil. And, by initiative of a young Kenyan communicator supported, among others, by Rui Souza, Oficina de Corte e Costura de Ideias- Brasil, there is a plan that aims to create a Communication team to facilitate the dialogue and cooperation amongst those involved in the other colaborative action plans created in Kibera.

We, the international team (*) who have planned and realized this Conference, are happy, since our objectives were reached without any external financial support, what demonstrates that the power of talent, creativity, solidary and cooperation is greater than the power of money. The seeds planted in Kibera will grow and the Voices of Kibera, of Africa, of South America, of the world, united in the Campaign for a Global Curriculum of Solidarity Economy will be heard in the WSF 2020 on Transformative Economies.

(*) Ben Ooko, Amani Kibera, Kenya; Claudia Alvarez, RESS, AR; Colombia Perez, Univ. Coop. Colombia; Cristian Gonzales, CT, AR; Cristina Porto, Literature author, BR ; Eduardo Vitale, Iandê, BR; Elise Pierrete Meno, RAESS CAM, Emily Kawano, RIPESS-USA; Erika Licon, CCEdNet Canada, Heloisa Primavera, Red Lases, Switzerland ; Josette Combes, RIPESS, FR, Laure Jongejeans, RIPESS,Spain ; Leila Hsie, Doctorate Candidate, BR, Madza Ednir, CECIP BR; Mary Alice Arthur, Get Soaring, USA; Noemi Botasso, UPS- Italy-Ecuador- Ar ; Pierre George, WSF Extension, FR ; RosemaryMbone, SHE Tanzania; Silvia Fittipaldi, CECIP_Magic RM; Stephen Nzusa, Young Empowered Youths.